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New Orleans Kingfish

Generous, durable and unflinching in character – the men of New Orleans who fit this archetype are known as Kingfish. They are the very essence of power and compassion combined with masculinity, and give more to others than to themselves. A Kingfish always shows up – fashionably late, of course, as he's on New Orleans time – and when he enters the room, it's under his command. Socializing is as important as business and often is one and the same. He's dapper, a masterful storyteller and minds his manners the way his mama taught him. Leadership comes as natural to a Kingfish as breathing. He measures his success by the success of those coming up behind him and lends his strong shoulders for them to stand upon. Whether sipping a sazarac or a beer; conducting a meeting or jumping into a secondline; spending time with his family or serving on the board of a favorite charity, a Kingfish does it all with that special brand of savoir faire perfected in New Orleans. He's not just a boss, he's a Kingfish.

Glen D. Smith

CEO of The Magnolia Companies of Louisiana

2017 Kingfish

Glen D. Smith’s enthusiasm and drive continues to steer these companies to new heights. With his family’s history of working together over the past 51 years, the Magnolia Companies—made up of Smith, his brother Gary and their business associates—continue to grow and thrive. Although the development of the companies is paramount, Smith never forgets the importance of giving back to the community. Whether it be through supporting children, law enforcement, or the beautification of our local areas, Smith continues to make a difference. Smith believes that establishing and maintaining this unique balance between professional success and community support is a sign of true leadership, and strives to live this balance everyday.

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