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Magnolia Companies Supports The Blue!

St. Rose, LA, July 16, 2018 – Glen Smith, Gary Smith, Sr. and Sen. Gary Smith, Jr. of Maintenance Dredging I, LLC (a division of The Magnolia Companies of LA, LLC), presented to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Special Services Division a monetary donation in support of the Sheriff’s Office annual “First Class Sheriff’s Camp.”

St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office has hosted the week long adventure for the past 21 years. The camp is held for boys ages 12-16, designed to “blend outdoor experience, education in instructional skills, career building education, values, ethics, and leadership development to combat the causes of violence and crime” with the goal of “providing the lessons of respect and responsibility, which helps point the boys in the right direction on the road to success.”

This year, the camp hosted 75 young men that had been selected by recommendations through local schools, churches, and deputies.

On June 26, 2018, The Magnolia Companies was honored with a visit from the two Special Services Division officers, Corporal James Grimaldi and Corporal Lennie Brown, who helm the fundraising and the enactment of this program.

“Overall, this is a wonderful experience and we, as members of the Sheriff’s Office, see firsthand how this experience affects these young men whether it is from the handshakes and thank-yous we receive throughout the trip, or the difference we see in the young men’s social skills when they return home.” Corporal James Grimaldi “This is a fantastic program that the Sheriff’s Office runs; Sheriff Champagne and his officers provide endless support and service to our community. They’re doing a wonderful thing for these young men with the Sheriff’s Camp and we’re honored to contribute to this program.” – Gary Smith, Sr.

For those interested in making a donation or for more information, please call 985-783-1355.

Pictured from left to right: Gary Smith, Sr., Corporal James Grimaldi, Sen. Gary Smith, Jr., Corporal Lennie Brown, and Glen Smith

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